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About the Book 

Tiggs and The Midnight Choir’ is a contemporary ghost story.  Although aimed at 8-12 year olds, this middle grade fiction is a good read for both young and old... a comedy suspense in which a mythical creature, a young boy and ancient choir prove that modern and medieval mischief can be just as much fun. 

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The book features James, aged 9.  James is poor, with nothing except a good heart, bags of enthusiasm and a singing voice that earns him a place as a Cathedral Chorister. 


James loves his new boarding school life but, while exploring a secret passage leading to the Cathedral, he stumbles upon a ghostly Midnight Choir, unearths a sinister plot to threaten the Cathedral’s concerts and befriends the Guardian of the Cathedral, a magnificent but mischievous Griffin called Tiggs. Together, they must resolve a mystery that could damage not only the Midnight Choir but the Cathedral itself.

... Right, that was the blurb!  So, apart from the fun and thrills, what's so special about our book that would make you want to buy it?  Well, we've mixed fiction, reality and history into a really exciting adventure.  The place where it all happens is real... you can visit Exeter Cathedral and even see the hatch where the secret passage lies ... and imagine climbing through to join the ghostly Midnight Choir.  

Even the graffiti on the effigy of Bishop Stafford is real... all we've done is to create names for the initials etched into the poor old Bishop, which date back hundreds of years.  Historical dates are true too - like the bombing of Exeter Cathedral in World War II.  


But most of all, our 'unlikely hero' is real.  James really did gain a Choristership to this amazing boarding school... and it really is another world.  OK, so the mythical Griffin, the 'sinister plot' and the Midnight Choir are imaginative add-ons, but to a life that really exists.  The dusky smells, haunting sounds and chill air of the ancient Cathedral are part of everyday life for the Choristers.  They gave rise to a sense of imagination and adventure in us... and we hope that they will for everyone who reads our book.

This is a good all-year-round book with a Christmassy ending that makes it a perfect gift.  What makes it even more special is that 50% of the profits are going to Exeter Cathedral and Exeter Cathedral School, enabling them to offer other children the exciting life that they've given to James.


To purchase, please click the Amazon Link here 

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