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About Julie 

Hello, I'm Julie.  This photo of James and I standing outside the Cathedral was taken when James had been a Chorister for about a year.  That was when we decided to write a book about the Cathedral, a ghost choir and a Griffin called Tiggs. 

Photo for website - James and me.jpg

But it was thanks to the support of an amazing lady who I met in hospital that we are now self-publishing 'Tiggs and The Midnight Choir'.   

I'm so excited about publishing our book, although I'm really an artist, not an author.  I mainly painted miniatures in the past, in the name Julie Claire (that's before I met my lovely husband, Michael, and added 'Carney' to my name). 


Let's not clutter our website with my stuff when there are far more interesting things to share with you here - like information about Exeter Cathedral, about the Choir, how to become a Chorister, etc.  For grown-ups, I am on LinkedIn as Julie Claire.  For children - I am the boring, hen-pecking mother from the book, who looks like a zombie when her hair gets wet!

We'd love you to buy our book as this will raise funds to support the Cathedral and school. 


Also, we hope that our book might inspire you to do something you really want to do - perhaps writing a book yourself - or drawing - or singing - or aiming to be a premier league footballer?  Whatever it is, go all out for it, even when it feels like hard work and you want to give up.  James often got fed up with drawing so many pictures, but now he can hold a real book in his hands, knowing that he is a real illustrator!  WOW!   We are both very happy to share the results with you in 'Tiggs and The Midnight Choir'.

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