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About James 

Hi, I'm James.  I'm twelve years old now, but when Mum and I came up with the idea to write this children's book, I was nine.  I hadn't been a Chorister for very long, but I already loved it. 

James drawing - photo for website.jpg

We had heard about lots of Choristers who had come back to the Choir as adults because they loved it so much.  That's what made us think of an idea for a ghost choir, so that people could sing in the choir forever.

I look a bit different in the picture above than what I look like now (in the photo below) because I have alopecia.  It took me a while to get used to being bald but I don't mind any more.  In fact, I think it's OK and I'll miss it if my hair ever grows back!

I love my school, Exeter Cathedral School, especially that it's really old and I can imagine that there really are secret passages.  There's supposed to be one under the Head's desk but I haven't tried to find it (yet)!  I love rugby and playing goalie in hockey.  I'm not so keen on cricket but I do like playing it with my friends.

We do lots of music at school as well.  Did you know that Chris Martin from Coldplay went to our school?  Cool!  'Shows that the school is really good at music ... and so is Chris! :-) 

I did the drawings for the inside of our book and Mum drew the cover.  Mum and I talked about the ideas for the pictures and she taught me how to draw stuff that I didn't know before - like how to draw a Griffin.  I did the drawings in pencil, then Mum went over the outlines in pen so that they would show up clearly in the book. 

I've been doing the drawings for a long time so I think the first ones look a bit childish now.  I did loads during lockdown.  Sometimes I got fed up with drawing so many pictures - over 140 of them - but I was very pleased each time I finished one.


It feels like the book has taken ages to make, but we wanted to stick at it so that we could raise money for the school and the Cathedral.  You see, I really am the boy in the book and it's even true that we don't have live TV and our car is a Cringemobile.  The people at the school and Cathedral have been brilliant so we want to thank them for my Choristership.   I hope you like our book.

James Now Photo.jpg
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